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Gift Vouchers

Looking for the perfect present for your nearest and dearest? How about a £10-£50 gift voucher for a relaxing and restorative Shiatsu Massage, Indian Head Massage, Oriental Face Massage, or Reiki treatment?  Please contact me to purchase your voucher.

Shiatsu in 1 minute – Introductory Video

Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning “finger pressure.”  Shiatsu aims to balance the body’s energy system by using gentle pressure on meridians and relevant acupuncture points.  Unlike other forms of massage, Shiatsu is the most effective way to achieve balance and prevent illness.  If you are in pain, suffering from poor sleep, or just need […]

Shiatsu and feeling stressed and anxious

What happens when we get stressed or anxious? Long ago, when sabre-toothed tigers were predators, stress was useful – the adrenaline triggered our fight-or-flight response and would have saved our lives. Nowadays, stress typically describes a condition that occurs when the pressure exceeds our ability to cope. If the stress cannot be released physically, we […]

How Shiatsu can help back pain

Back Pain Do you ever suffer from a dull, constant ache in your lower back? Or do you have burning tension in your upper back or neck? Does a sudden, sharp pain make it hard to move? Back pain is the main cause of long-term sickness in the UK, responsible for more than 15 million […]

How Shiatsu can help you sleep better

Why is sleep important? Do you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow – and then wake feeling refreshed, having slept for as long as you want? Would you like to? Or are you amongst the third of people in the UK who have episodes of insomnia? Insomnia, having difficulty falling asleep […]

10% Discount on Course of Therapy Treatments

Receive 10% off  a course therapy treatments when you pay for 6 treatments in advance.  Choose from Shiatsu, Indian Head Massage, or Reiki. Shiatsu Advance: Client consultation (30 minutes) x 1 initial treatment x 5 follow-up treatments (60 minutes)  £270  Indian Head Massage Advance: Client consultation (15 minutes) x 1 initial treatment (45 minutes) x 5 follow-up […]

How is your breathing?

Relaxation exercises Most people under breathe or breathe too shallowly, breathing from the chest area or even just the throat. You should breathe from the abdomen and the diaphragm. If you watch a baby or a young child breathe, you will see that he does this naturally. His tummy rises as he breathes in, and […]

Shiatsu: How To Produce Maximum Results

General Guidelines for Giving Shiatsu The following guidelines are important to understand prior to giving shiatsu.  They create a condition or mind-set for the practitioner that encourages an optimum environment in which to produce maximum results. 1.  Empty Stomach It is best to be empty inside when giving shiatsu.  This makes the nervous system highly charged […]