10 Reasons Why You Should Go To Counselling

1.Talking therapy is extremely effective 

Simply speaking to someone who has an unbiased option and doesn’t know you is such a great help in itself.  Going to see a counsellor can help you to make sense of things.  A counsellor won’t judge you; they simply want to help you with whatever difficulties you are facing.

It can be hard to open up to family and friends when you’re going through a hard time.  That’s why talking with a counsellor is a great way to open up completely about how you are feeling.

2.  Counselling is a safe environment 

Everything you say in a counselling session is completely confidential.  Sometimes all you need is space to talk about your feelings in a trusted environment, and counselling sessions provide that.

3.  You become a lot more in control of your feelings

During your counselling session, you will learn techniques in which you can control your feelings and change your behavioural patterns to avoid falling into bad routines with your health, physically and mentally.  Some of these techniques included CBT, humanistic counselling and integrative counselling.

You’ll learn how to better express and manage your emotions, and improve your self-esteem and communication skills.

4.  You’ll learn that it’s OK to talk about things

Most of the time, we bottle up our emotions until it gets to a point that our emotions become so negative and start affecting our daily lives.  Talking about how you’re feeling is extremely healthy and you’ll want to do it more and more when you start going to counselling.

5.  There’s nothing to be ashamed of by going to counselling

Going to counselling is not a sign that you have given in to needing help.  There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of by seeking counselling, and a huge number of people see counsellors regularly for any range of problems.  Seeking help is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength and trusting someone who wants to help you.  If you are scared to make the first move in going to counselling, you can talk to a qualified counsellor today.

6.  Counselling helps you to cope better with life a lot better

Counselling will give you a new outlook on life and help you deal with your problems so much better.  Counselling will help you find the answers you are looking for and provide guidance on improving your life.

7.  There is counselling for every issue

Counselling isn’t for specific people or problems.  Anyone can go to counselling, no matter how big or small your problems.  You won’t be judged for seeking help from a counsellor.  Common reasons for going to counselling include depression, anxiety, eating disorders, stress, addictions, grief, relationship issues, trauma and many other things.  Even if you think your problems aren’t important enough to go to counselling, your counsellor will help you with anything at all that you need help working through.

8. It’s extremely important to look after yourself

We often put everyone else before ourselves and let our mental health go unseen to.  It’s important to put your mental health first and make looking after yourself a priority.

9.  Find a counsellor that’s right for you

All counsellors are different and have different approaches.  If you don’t feel completely comfortable with your counsellor, you cam change counsellors and find one you are happy with so they can help you to become your best self.

10.  The hardest part is making the call.  It all gets better from there.

Picking up the phone and contacting a counsellor or making an appointment is usually the hardest part for most people.  The initial fear of what will happen when you go to counselling will soon disappear when you step into that counselling session and begin to let yourself open up.

You will soon start to see great results from your counselling sessions and your counsellor will help you to make a plan to get through your problems straight away.

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