Counselling With Frances Rayner

What Is Counselling?

Counselling is a confidential, helping relationship, where you can talk about your problems and make sense of the difficulties you are facing in your life.

The first session enables me to hear why you have come for counselling and assess whether I am the best person for you to have counselling with.

Counselling Process

As a counsellor,  I will really listen to you.  I will focus on you and what you need and use my expertise to help you explore and work on the problems and emotional difficulties you are facing without judging you.  I won’t pretend to be the expert on your life.  Sometimes, this can feel a little frustrating.  You may be thinking “why won’t she just give me some advice, or tell me what to do?”  If I did this, you would be relying on me to sort out your problems.

So, counselling is really about helping you to work on your problems yourself.  It’s about self-development and helping you to get better at living/managing your life.  It’s about you becoming better at dealing with problems, for example in your close relationships, or feeling better at dealing with feelings such as grief and anxiety.

What Can Counselling Help With?

Counselling can be helpful for anyone having difficulties of any kind, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Relationship issues
  • Difficulties at home/work
  • Issues with sexuality and gender
  • Sleep or insomnia
  • Family conflict
  • Trauma
  • Self-Harming
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Bereavement
  • Spirituality
  • Life transitions

My Approach

I believe that counselling can be done in many ways, and that no single approach is better than another.

As an integrative counsellor, I use a variety of counselling techniques and key concepts drawn from various approaches, including person centered therapy, gestalt therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and sand play therapy.

I believe that a person’s emotional well-being depends on having a satisfying mutual relationship with others.  As a counsellor, I seek to understand a client’s unique self-experience in the context of their relationships.  My aim is to provide a safe therapeutic relationship which is geared towards promoting personal growth.

What do clients say?

Frances is the best listener, combining true compassionate attention with the right level of correctly chosen probing questions, which lead you to the heart of where you couldn’t have got to without her.  A truly safe space to discover what you might not have wanted to admit even to yourself, and feel accepted and cherished as you are.  I come away feeling optimistic, having developed specific ideas to put into action to improve my life. Naomi, September 2020

Benefits of The Integrative Approach

  • Tailored to your individual needs and personal circumstances
  • Promotes healing and facilitates wholeness
  • Creates a healthy alliance between mind and body
  • Helps you to recognise specific triggers that may be causing disruptive patterns of behaviour

Creative Expression

Where appropriate, I may use creative and symbolic interventions to help you express your feelings, access your innate creativity and explore the deeper, more creative aspects of your psyche:

  • Sand tray therapy
  • Role play
  • Art/drawing
  • Writing
  • Dreamwork
  • Relaxation

My Experience

I established my private practice in 2017 and have experience of working with people of all ages and backgrounds.

In addition to my therapeutic practice, I work as a Specialist Mentor supporting students with mental health problems and disabilities.


How to Book

If you would like to find out about how counselling can help you, please telephone me or send me a message via the email or contact form.

Call me on 07940 865 994 to find out more or book a session.