Creative strategies in counselling

As an integrative counsellor, I use a variety of creative strategies and tools in my practice including:

1. Creative and Symbolic – Sand Tray Therapy, Art (e.g. drawing, painting) and Writing:

  • Express thoughts and emotions
  • Explore memories
  • Increase self expression
  • Find solutions to problems

2.  Imaginative – Role Play (e.g. Empty Chair Technique), Cards, and Dreamwork:  

  • Understand different parts of the self
  • Develop insight
  • Resolve relationship difficulties
  • Change self-perceptions

3.   Relaxation – Body Scan, Breathing Exercises, Grounding Techniques, and Guided Visualisation:

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and physical pain
  • Find connections between emotions and physical sensations
  • Develop awareness of the present moment

4.  Behavioural and Cognitive – CBT based strategies can help a client:

  • Recognise unhealthy thought patterns
  • Deal with specific problems
  • Manage intrusive/negative thoughts

5.  Psycho-educational – Genograms, ideas from Transactional Analysis (e.g. Drama Triangle, Ego States):  

  • Identify family patterns
  • Improve communication processes
  • Understand and manage relationships

Please go to themindfool for an interesting and informative article about sand tray therapy for adults.