Feel deeply relaxed in just 15 minutes

Are you in pain? Stressed? Sleepless? Need to take time out from your busy schedule and relax?

Feel deeply relaxed in just 15 minutes!

If you are in pain, stressed, sleepless, and need to relax, Shiatsu can help you feel deeply relaxed in just 15 minutes.

A full 60 minute session will show you what relaxation really means. Relaxation is the key to helping your body to do what it does best – heal itself.

Relieve aches and pains

Reduce anxiety, worry and stress

Enjoy better sleep

Improve your health and well-being

Complementary Therapies with Shiatsu Frances:

Shiatsu: A Japanese massage system, performed through clothing, involving pressure from fingers, palms, elbows, feet and knees.

Reiki: A Japanese healing approach involving the transfer of healing energy.

Indian Head Massage: A technique of manipulating soft tissues in the shoulders, neck, face and scalp.

These complementary therapies are complete systems of healing which can help a wide range of conditions including:

Long and short term back pain

Muscular tension and stiffness

Headaches and migraines

IBS and digestive problems

PMS and menstrual difficulties

COPD and asthma


Depression and anxiety

I love referrals!

If you recommend my services to someone and they come for treatment, both you and the person recommended will receive a 20% discount.