Client Testimonials

Frances is the best listener, combining true compassionate attention with the right level of correctly chosen probing questions, which lead you to the heart of where you couldn’t have got to without her.  A truly safe space to discover what you might not have wanted to admit even to yourself, and feel accepted and cherished as you are.  I come away feeling optimistic, having developed specific ideas to put into action to improve my life.

NaomiSeptember, 2020

“Frances is a very empathic person and will deliver that through her massages…I felt so relaxed and the tension in my neck disappeared the same day. Would highly recommend it.”

MonicaSept 2018

“Frances is an amazing, very intuitive and professional therapist. She is friendly and made me feel comfortable, relaxed and looked after. The session I had with her didn’t just fix my sore lower back but worked wonders on my whole body. I highly recommend Frances”.

KaterinaMarch 2016

“After I left you I felt so relaxed for the next 2 days. I slept for 10 hours the first night which made me feel immensely better and my back eased up over the next few days. The stye in my eye which I think was a result of being run down and tired from the whole episode, subsided in a couple of days also. I am back to my normal self again now, feeling fit and well and very happy about it! Your treatment was exactly what I needed. I really feel I had a block in my energy and couldn’t shift it by myself. I feel the treatment was very powerful”.

JuliaJune 2015

“I had a shoulder and neck massage which was amazing! It was the best I’ve ever had. Very satisfied”.

RiaJuly 2015

“Loved it. Warm, loving, gentle touch. I felt very safe.”

GaySept 2014

“Very different from other treatments I’ve had.”

DavidSept 2014

“It was completely wonderful. Relaxing, comfortable, therapeutic. Thank you.”

BelindaNov 2013

“Loved the deep pressure, very relaxing, good feeling of well-being afterwards.”

LesleyNov 20113

“Pressure points contact good and very relaxing – will recommend and be back for more.”

SallyOct 2013

“Excellent for relaxation.”

SamanthaSept 2013

“Relaxing, helpful and informative.”

SallySept 2013

“Thank you Frances for a wonderful session on Saturday. I left feeling calm and centred and that was after a busy 7 hours at work. Wonderfully restorative and peaceful. Bless you for your intuition and sensitivity and amazingly gentle but powerful touch.”

ShionaOct 2013

“Relaxing environment, Frances appeared to genuinely care.”

ChrisOct 2013

“Time for ‘me’. Relaxed and rested. Very comfortable throughout.”

SandraOct 2013

“Thank you Frances for a lovely relaxing treatment. You have a really good touch and are in tune with the body, knowing what patients need to feel better. I would certainly have more treatments and would recommend you as a therapist”.

BeckySept 2013

“Gentle, relaxing, and relief of tension.”

LorraineSept 2013

“I’ve been having treatments for a long time now with Frances and she always hits the spot, whatever the problem, without my telling her. I recommend her gentle way to all!”

HeatherSept 2013

“Frances is a great practitioner and someone I have no hesitation in recommending.”

NickSept 2013

“Very friendly, relaxing massage, would be good to do regularly.”

JeanSept 2013

“I liked the pressure and felt my posture almost immediately was better.”

HeatherNov 2012

“My neck felt better afterwards.”

ChrisNov 2012

“One of the best treatments yet. Excellent!”

SteveMay 2012

“I feel about an inch taller! My neck feels lighter and I feel more relaxed.”

SamAug 2012

“I feel much less stiff and more relaxed.”

ChrisJuly 2012

“Wow, amazing!”

TaniaApril 2012

“It was really good to come and talk openly and in confidence, be away from work and focus on myself.”

PollyFeb 2012

“I feel calmer now”

AbiFeb 2010

“I feel great after my session, thanks”

Feb 2011

“I feel a lot more relaxed than when I came through the door, my shoulders and back feel more relaxed”

RobDec 2010

“My whole body feels energised”

Nov 2010

“The best thing was the work on my neck, it feels much better”

DerrinDec 2010

“Good even pressure, firm but supportive touch. A very professional, good treatment overall”

NickyOct 2010

“The treatment helped me to get in tune with my body, and could feel the stuck energy moving”

JennyOct 2010

“I felt more relaxed afterwards and slept better”

KateJuly 2010

“I feel energised, more relaxed and more aware.”

DaveJune 2010

“My back feels like it’s straightened out. Very relaxed.”

RebeccaApril 2010


SusanFeb 2010

“I feel more awake and less sluggish”

KathyFeb 2010

“Very relaxing”

BexJanuary 2010

“It has definitely relaxed me, I was feeling a bit tired and drained earlier and it was good to be relaxed in a restorative way”

BenDec 2009

“Very relaxing indeed”

TinaNov 2009

“My neck feels less tense and lighter than it did before”

VickyNov 2009

“A very relaxing and positive session; well explained and pitched at a level that was clear and took good recognition of my current state of being and understanding.”

NigelJanuary 2009

“I found the session very calming and peaceful”

KathrynJanuary 2009